21 Vek from Skopje, Macedonia is a band featuring three well-known figures from Skopje’s underground scene: Vasko Atanasoski (Bernays Propaganda, XaXaXa, FxPxOx), Rade Jordanovski (FxPxOx) and Deni Krstev (Fonija, Bernays Propaganda). 

21vek (“21st Century”) explores an expressive palet of influences ranging from post-punk to Macedonian traditional music.

The band has released three albums: “1”, “2” and “Si nacrtav zivot” (“I drew a life for myself”). 

21 Vek has been active on the local scene since 2018. They have played on several tours throughout the Balkans, as well as performed at various festivals in the country and abroad.

photos by Stefan Samandov